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Bra Free Trend: Are we going to go all up without it?

Husch, husch, in the basket? "No, thanks!", This summer also goes to supermodel Miranda Kerr.
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The new bra-free trend: saving money - but not paying attention to ...

Ironing the pegs, pressing push-ups, scratching the tip: more and more women are doing without the bra right away. There is something missing? No, that should be so - and in the summer of 2015 even a real trend.

Among women this summer, two enemy camps indicate. Some pack, others prefer to get stuck. There are few reasonable arguments for both - but many subjective ones. And while some now think that a bosom is still something mysterious, a body part that is peeled out of its shell only in intimate moments, the BH boycotters see this quite pragmatic. Metal arches? Pikes! Push-up pads? To press! Lace fabrics? Itch! Three reasons to do without the bra in the summer. Even if the bosom makes a better figure with it, he probably does not feel in it, argues the topless group.

Who belongs to it? Lots of celebrity ladies. For example, supermodel Miranda Kerr, who rushes from show to show without a bra on the Paris Fashion Week, and also Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian leave more and more often the bra in the closet. In order to generously raise the horns to strangers, the non -bra look naturally has nothing to do. What could really speak against it? With bra, the bosom stays taut for longer, since well-packed connective tissue, such as ligament bandage, is spared from the chest. But honestly, let every woman do the way she pleases. It's not in vain, it's the content that counts.

BRA? No thanks! Celebs like Miranda Kerr, Rihanna or Jennifer Aniston obviously love the new topless look. These stars also make BH- free - who is involved?

Of course BH-los shows up actress Mischa Barton again and again. Modestatement or rebellion? Anyway, it's clear: with her performances she always directs the lenses of the cameras ...

Rihanna does not want to get confused. Obviously not her breasts either. And waives a bra. No exception. More and more often, the singer allows her bust size freedom of movement.

Especially for Lady Gaga, fashion is artistic expression. She also does without a bra and covers her nipples with nipple patches under her white body.

The lace lingerie ends up in the back of her wardrobe with Rita Ora too ... because under the knit sweater the singer wears, exactly, nothing!

Actually, Jennifer Aniston is considered staid? No way! As we click through her red carpet appearances, one notices: the actress keeps dispensing with the bra.

Underwear? Totally overrated! When reality TV star Kim Kardashian leaves the house, she consistently forgets to wear a bra.

Look! At! Me! The message that Scout Willis sends out with her airy outfit is clear. "I have no problem with free movement, " said the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis often clear.

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