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Moving video: surprise stirs teacher to tears

Nancy Flexer had not expected that surprise
Photo: youtube / SoulPancake

Emotional farewell party

Nancy Flexer worked for 41 years as a primary school teacher. On her last day, she gets a very special surprise that not only makes her cry.

Who does not like to remember: Schoolday, school trips and exchange breakfasts with your best friend. The elementary school was really nice! But even if things did not go so well, I hope there was someone who always stood by us - someone like elementary school teacher Nancy Flexer . For 41 years she worked at the Cole Elementary School in Tennessee. With her loving nature, she shaped the lives of many children. Now the former students and the school staff would like to thank her. They have come up with something very special to say goodbye to the beloved teacher.

On their last day before retirement, they surprise Nancy in her classroom. The elementary school teacher is so overwhelmed by the many people that she struggles for words. She can not believe that everyone just came because of her. But that's not all: The former students tell heartfelt anecdotes about how the elementary school teacher has shaped her life with her wonderful way.

"Thanks to you, I did not feel strange for the first time, but I believed that I could do something special too. I'm so thankful for that, "says a young woman in tears. Another reports, "I was a shy little blonde and her love for me gave me the confidence to grow into the woman I am today."

The surprise is a complete success! Almost speechless with emotion Nancy thanks for the beautiful words: "I am one of the happiest persons in the world." A day that will probably be remembered forever. Just great, if you can say thank you to a special person in this way. So it is all the more beautiful that a moving video of the teacher was created, which also moved us to tears!