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Improving the working climate: 7 tips for a good atmosphere in the office

If the working atmosphere is good, the work is much easier.

How to improve the working atmosphere

The working atmosphere is top priority? Not only! You can do a great deal yourself to make you and your colleagues feel good about the job. These seven tips help to improve the working atmosphere.

No question: bad mood in the office can be pretty demotivating. Who likes to stay in a workplace where he simply does not feel well? To tackle this problem or not let it happen, these seven tips for a good working climate are just the thing.

Tip 1: Praise your colleagues

You surely know this: If you are praised and esteemed, you will work more motivated and, above all, happier. Why should your colleagues do differently? Therefore, just praise her. "That's great, " or "Thanks for the back keep clear" is sure to hear everyone.

Tip 2: Be a team

The colleague on her left complains that she is not doing her job, and the colleague on the right is desperate for hours on a job? Underneath, the working climate can suffer. Create a team and help each other! Because if you share the responsibility, it does not rest on the shoulders of one. This strengthens not only the group cohesion, but also the motivation and performance. You manage the stress better as well.

Tip 3: Give info quickly

The colleague is angry because he has not heard anything about the conference? It is not always the others who prevent a smooth exchange of information. Ask yourself more often: Do I always make sure that all colleagues receive information as quickly as possible?

Tip 4: Beat the fools

They are everywhere: the permanent blockers. Unfortunately, they also pull others down with their behavior and thus pollute the working atmosphere . If ignoring does not help, go on the offensive: complainers are dissatisfied with their situation - and often want to stay that way. With the question "What do you want to do against your displeasure?" take the wind out of their sails.

Tip # 5: Create a good mood glow

In everyday work, it is important to create small oases again and again, which you can look forward to. A tasty short breakfast in the morning or a joint after-work-drink improves the working atmosphere without much effort - and leaves a stressful phase more motivated to overcome.

Tip 6: Talk about sensitive topics only personally

Sure, e-mailing is quick and easy: But anyone who only exchanges in writing with colleagues runs the risk of misunderstanding what has been written. This quickly destroys a really good working environment. Therefore: Especially sensitive or annoying topics necessarily discuss directly.

Tip 7: Criticize constructively

Phrases like "I would not have done that now" or "It was not really smart" do not help the colleague to do something better. If you want to criticize, it makes sense to polite and explain exactly how and why you would do something different.

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