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Sleep better and dream thanks to Dream: ON App

Dream: ON promises sweet dreams and a perfect start to the day.
Photo: John Fedele / Blend Images / Corbis

Good night!

"Sweet Dreams!" it is often called before going to bed. And not without good reason: Good dreams finally have a positive effect on the daily form and the performance. But what you dream about, you can influence so little, right? Not quite true, because luckily there is an innovative app with which you can sleep better and dream.

Dream: ON is the name of the smartphone application developed by Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor and former magician. He likes to call his invention "his best trick" with a wink.

However, magic has little to do with magic, because Dream: ON is based on a simple yet ingenious principle: pre-set sounds actively influence the dreaming.

Before sleeping, as with a conventional alarm clock, set the desired wake-up time and then selected a background noise. Here you have the choice between 40 different ambient sounds, including classics like a peaceful garden or the rainforest, as well as bizarre things like a saloon in the Wild West with glasses clinking and horse grazing. At the request of some users, there is now even a "50 Shades of Gray" soundtrack for your own dream.

The phone is simply placed in the corner of the bed and registers from there the movements of its owner. As soon as the app stops detecting movement, which is typical for a dream phase, the show begins. The sounds help direct the dream in a certain direction. Dream: ON users, for example, report funny dreams after hiring the sounds of a comedy club.

All this happens only in the last half hour before waking up. According to the inventor of Dream: ON, this is the essential sleeping phase that has a lasting effect on the daily form. If the dream experience is positive, the mood is better too.

The App's "Smart Alarm" feature lets the sleeper wake up in the morning when he moves around a lot - in this light sleep phase, waking up is much easier.

In the meantime, the app for better sleeping has been downloaded about 500, 000 times - and many users are convinced of the results. So it's worth a try!

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