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Touching family story: Mother saves children

Photo: Screenshot / Chloe Veron

The courage of a mother

This touching family story creates goose bumps. A mother sacrifices herself and thus saves her children.

It is said that nothing is greater than the love of a mother. The story these two girls tell in their moving video clearly speaks for it.

The video starts and a happy song sounds. Two sisters have written their story on small pieces of paper, which they hold alternately in the camera. The story begins with a woman giving birth to three healthy children at four-year intervals-the mother of Annie and Chloe. Then the happy family story takes a turn - the girls report an accident that changed their lives.

There is talk of a family vacation with the grandparents, which takes place in a wooden hut on a cliff. Arrived at the resort, the parents get off to handle the usual paperwork. The kids stay in the car and they suspect a tragedy that they still hope will not happen. It comes as it has to come: The brake is released, the car rolls on the cliff with the children caught inside. Even before the family realizes the event, the mother is on her way to the car. She braces herself against the SUV to stop him. While the music continues in the video, the sisters tell of the feeling as the car rolls over the body of their own mother.

What happens then tends to a miracle: The grandfather can stop the slowed down car through the mother's resistance and save the children. But there is another miracle, because the mother survives. Since then she sits in a wheelchair, her lower body is paralyzed. A mother rescues her children and sacrifices her mobility.

She has never regretted her heroic deed - on the contrary, she enjoys every minute with her family. In that sense, it is ultimately the story of a perfect family that proves that living in a wheelchair does not have to make you less happy. The touching family history creates goose bumps and respect for so much courage and maternal love.


Mother's Day from Chloe Veron on Vimeo.