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Overweight man runs a marathon per month

Derek Mitchell is proud and rightly so: he has run his first marathon!
Photo: Facebook / Derek Mitchell

One marathon per month: a fight against overweight and illness

Derek Mitchell weighs over 250 kilograms, but he can not help it. Now the overweight man runs a monthly marathon and becomes a role model.

At the age of five, Derek Mitchell got the explanatory diagnosis: a tumor sits on his pituitary gland. This is fortunately benign, it does not have to be removed. But the goodness does not protect against symptoms: An ulcer on the pituitary gland, among other things, can cause weight gain, muscle weakness and depression.

The disease does not leave its mark: at 37, Mitchell weighs over 250 kilograms today. But he does not let that get him down. On the contrary, because since the beginning of the year, the overweight man runs a monthly marathon!

After taking small walks, he steadily increased from one kilometer to the next. The training was well worth it: Mitchell is running its first five-kilometer run in Kansas City in mid-March! After one hour and 29 minutes his first marathon has been completed - the man is beaming across the finish line.

Finished my first 5k of 2015!

Posted by Derek Mitchell on Saturday, March 14, 2015

It will follow nine more runs this year. Derek Mitchell has set goals. On Facebook he calls people to cheer him on. It is the support that literally keeps him going.

The man wants to send a message to other overweight people. Anyone can do it if he can run a marathon . He is the living proof. It motivates people around the world and becomes a model that shows that nothing is impossible!

Posted by Derek Mitchell on Saturday, March 14, 2015

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