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Avoid overweight through acupuncture

Acupuncture is a way to get a grip on the hunger.
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The reason for being overweight is in many cases an unbalanced energy balance due to improper nutrition: We consume more calories than our body can burn. Acupuncture is then a way to get the feeling of hunger under control and even easier to lose some pounds.

Change the diet to lose weight

Short-term diets are more damaging than taking advantage of permanent weight loss. Anyone who wants to get rid of his overweight in the long term must, according to experts, change his diet. Often, however, the ravenous hunger puts a stop to the willingness to lose weight: If you suddenly eat calorie-reduced food and fail things that were otherwise normal, you will easily feel an overpowering urge to eat. However, acupuncture treatment can help suppress these food cravings.

Diagnosis: reasons for the appetite

Before the doctor starts an acupuncture treatment, he will make a health check and ask you about your eating habits. A variety of reasons can cause you to overeat. These include stress, nervousness, lack of sleep, depression and general imbalance. For the treatment to help you lose weight, you should tell the doctor everything relevant.

Acupuncture: needles in the ear against obesity

Depending on your reasons, the doctor will use small needles at certain points in your ear to help prevent overweight . According to tradition of Chinese medicine certain points on the ear correspond to certain organs, body parts and bodily functions. The needles are fixed with patches and remain in the ear for about seven to ten days. The selected ear reflex zones now stimulate those weak points that have led to the wrong diet and prevented weight loss. The feeling of hunger can be influenced by the so-called hunger point. This effectively suppresses food cravings and makes it easier for you to change your diet while consuming fewer calories.

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