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Take a comfortable garden cushion yourself

Photo: Eva Herr

Perfect for the garden

Perfect for outdoors: This colorful patchwork pillow fits perfectly on all garden furniture and is super comfortable. Just follow the DIY guide.

You need this for the garden cushion:

  • Fabric / fabric cut : 5 fabric pieces à 17 x 17 cm Trellis Art. Nr. PWJD101-CARRO
    5 pieces of fabric à 17 x 17 cm Bazzar Art. Nr. PWJD102-EUCAL
    8 fabric pieces à 17 x 17 cm plain fabric Art. No. CSFSESS-MISTX
    All data are inclusive seam allowance
  • Additional material: a long sewing needle, matching Coats Cotton sewing thread, AnchorSticktwist in color 926, a stuffing pad, scissors, ruler

And that's how easy it is:

1. Fold the fabric squares according to the illustration for the front and back, then sew them together.

2. Merging the pillow panels right side to right and setting them apart . To do this, leave a small opening. Turn the pillow over.

3. Insert the filling pad and close the opening with fine stitches by hand.

4. For the mattress effect at the corners of the middle square in Anchor Sticktwist sew through the pillow. For this purpose, pierce the whole pillow with the long sewing needle and tighten the thread well, repeat this several times at all four points.

The complete instructions for download can be found here!

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