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Impressive video: The path of a paralyzed bride to the altar

Photo: Screenshot / KETV NewsWatch 7

Where there is a will, there's a way

After an accident, Gina is paralyzed from the navel down. An impressive video shows how the bride still walks up to the altar.

Gina has been in a wheelchair for six years. The young woman has come to terms with her paralysis, she has become accustomed to a sitting life after the accident. Even if Gina completes her everyday life without any problems in a wheelchair, she has long cherished a desire inside her: the bride wants to walk up the path to the altar.

Her future husband does not care if his dream wife rolls or walks to him. All that counts for him is that she marries him. That's one of the things Gina loves about her groom: he does not see the wheelchair, he only sees his wife when he looks at her.

Nevertheless, Gina wants to reach her destination for the wedding for herself. The way to the altar proves to be extremely long. Months before the paralyzed bride prepares for her wedding day, her dream turns out to be hard work . Physiotherapy and daily training accompany Gina's everyday life. After being confined to a wheelchair for six years, an upright posture represents the first challenge for her body to which she is accustomed to sitting. Her upper body would not have expected to stand on two legs again in life. But these two legs exist, even if Gina does not feel them. This is how the bride, after months of work, manages to stand upright for the first time with the help of custom-made supports. The impressive training was worthwhile.

Crutches and supports are specially adapted for the dress of the paralyzed bride, so that they hardly stand out on the way to the altar. One detail that stands out all the more is Gina's beam as she walks across the carpet at her father's side. For Gina, two wishes come true on her wedding day: she walks straight up the path to the altar to marry her dream husband.