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Beauty trend "Vajazzling": Swarovski stones for the vagina

"Vajazzling" is a new beauty trend and exactly what it sounds like if it were correctly pronounced: Bedazzling (in German: Be-glitzern) of the vagina. In the US, the cosmetic embellishment is already very well received on special occasions. A video shows the somewhat bizarre acting cosmetic procedure.

Beauty Trend Vajazzling
Photo: Youtube

As if the tramp stamp on the back was not enough, men are now allowed to adjust to another surprise in the intimacy with a woman. "Vajazzling" is a beauty trend that naturally originates from the USA and is already very popular among women: Swarovski stones are glued to the skin in elaborate patterns. Where? Exactly - on the vagina.

There is no woman around who wants to try "Vajazzling" for Brazilian Waxing, because otherwise the result could look like a Christmas tree with lighting. Why should we wear sparkling stones in the genital area? All we can say is that it might be an attempt to show men the right way in the dark. Jennifer Love-Hewitt made the piercing, which has been around for some years, into a trend when she came out on a TV show as a Vajazzling fan.

Vajazzling for the wedding night

In a video test, the vagina jewelry is named as a popular embellishment for the wedding night. It's unimaginable what kind of risks this will cause for the first big marriage crash! "Oh no, honey, you did not swallow my Swarovski stones ?!"