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Handicraft Making Crockery: How to Make a Wardrobe with Swallow Hooks

Full of anticipation we wait for the arrival of the winged spring messengers. Until then, we will simply drop in your deco-comrades at our house ...

Elegant swallow flight: That's how you make a cloakroom with swallows hooks
Photo: Deco & Style

For the wardrobe "elegant swallow flight" you need:

  • You need this:
  • Swallow tales from the internet
  • Computer, printer and paper
  • MDF board
  • Wooden block (5 x 6 x 2 cm)
  • abrasive paper
  • 3 knobs with thread
  • white paint
  • dowel
  • 3 double threaded screws
  • blue acrylic paint
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • jigsaw
  • brush
  • Drill with drill for wood and stone
  • hammer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • thin brush

That's how it works:

1. Print out the templates for the swallows, cut them out and transfer them to the MDF board. Saw swallows with the jigsaw. Saw logs in three equal pieces.

2. Smooth the edges of the birds with sandpaper.

3. Paint swallows, knobs and wooden blocks white.

4. Place drilling markings on the birds and on the wall.

5. Drill one hole at a time through the bird, the block of wood and into the wall.

6. Hammer the dowels into the hole in the wall.

7. Screw swallows to the wall with a wooden block as a spacer, then turn the knob on the protruding side of the screw.

8. Paint a "clothesline" on the wall with a thin brush and blue acrylic paint.

Here is the template.