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Instructions: How to make gypsum hare as Easter decorations

Easter decoration from old balloons: So you make cute gypsum hops for Easter.

These Easter Bunnies should not be missing on the table!
Photo: Deco & Style

That needs iht:

  • Water Bomb Balloons
  • Plaster bandages (craft shop)
  • scissors
  • Bowl of water
  • needle
  • Feathers in white
  • Acrylic paints in yellow, gray, pink
  • Fine brush

That's how it works:

1. Inflate bubble bomb balloons to the correct size.

2. Cut the plaster bandages into pieces about 10 cm long.

3. Now immerse the plaster bandage pieces in a bowl of water and place them close to the balloon. For the half eggs to cover them, cover them only halfway with plaster bandages.

4. Finally bring a second layer of plaster bandage on the balloons, let it dry thoroughly, about 5 hours.

5. To detach the plaster with a needle, burst the balloon and subsequently cover the resulting opening with plaster.

6. Cut the white feathers in the shape of the ears and paint them with the yellow acrylic paint on the tips. Paint faces with acrylic paint as well

Click here to download the manual.