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Barbara Wussow: "My father was an egoist ... but I loved him so much"

Klausjürgen Wussow and his daughter Barbara.
Photo: cinetext / getty images

On the 5th anniversary of the death of Klausjürgen Wussow his daughter now tells the whole truth

When the actress talks about her father, she does so with warmth, respect and ruthless openness ...

Five years have passed since Barbara Wussow (51) lost her beloved father . In the interview, she remembers the great Klaus Jürgen Wussow († 78).

On June 19, 2007, her father died ...

Barbara Wussow : His death is an important day of remembrance for me. It is still very hard for me, because I miss my father infinitely. I miss him a lot.

"Time heals all wounds" - is that a fitting proverb?

Barbara Wussow : Time heals the wounds, but there remain scars that will last for life. But it gets better with time and it gets easier. So I did not have that maddening pain I felt after his death. But I often think back wistfully to my father . I'd like to have him there, so my kids have a grandpa ...

What did he give you along the way?

Barbara Wussow : Respect for the partner. Good behavior. Good manners. My parents told me that I'm nothing special, just a cog among many.

When you think back to your childhood, how was your dad?

Barbara Wussow : He was an egotist. So had to be always at home, because he had to prepare for his roles. A real star and artist through and through. But also a loving father.

He suffered from dementia. When did that first happen?

Barbara Wussow : It started insidiously and began with forgetfulness, confusion and unbelievable restlessness. He was getting more bullish. Often he got up, went away, came back, went again ...

Have you suffered as your father spent his last years?

Barbara Wussow : Of course. Suddenly everything was gone, he did not know anything anymore. A cruel game of fate.

How did you learn to accept his death?

Barbara Wussow : I have learned to let go. I can not bring him back and I do not want to torture myself. One thing hurts: That he was not buried in Vienna with my mother. But I had no chance to enforce that, even though my father wanted it in the will.

Do you have contact with Sabine Scholz, the widow of her father?

Barbara Wussow : No. For what ...?