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Baby Drama! "I'll see my daughter again someday!"

Behind his smile, he hides the grief for his daughter.
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Horst lights

Always cheerful, always funny - when Horst Lichter (47) is standing in front of his cooking pots on Saturdays at "Lafer, Lichter, Lecker", he looks like the luckiest person in the world. But what hardly anyone knows: Behind his smile hides a sad secret. His daughter Nicole was only six months old.

Lichter remembers: "She was a sweet little baby, with dark hair and big eyes!" But one night Nicole died of sudden infant death syndrome - just like every year around 300 children in Germany. Hell for the parents. Suddenly they are alone. Like Horst Lichter back then. "It hurt him a lot, " says his mum Margret.

Is that why he and his current wife Nada (37) no longer want to have children?

The full article can be found in issue 3/2010 of DAS NEUE.

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