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Make chestnut elks

  • 2 chestnuts
  • 1 rosehip for the head
  • 4 round mini rosehips
  • 6 matches
  • 2 pins with black heads
  • branched twigs
  • Dried dill for the tail
  • Possibly. a nail
  • tongs


Possibly. Drill holes in both chestnuts with a nail.

2. Approx. 2 cm from a match. Both chestnuts put together slightly offset.

3. Drill four holes in the lower chestnut for the legs and insert whole matches.

4. Four round mini-rosehips in the matches put the hooves.

5. For the head, combine chestnut and rosehip with a 2 cm match.

6. Dried dill is used for the tail. Drill a small hole with a pin and insert the dill into it.

7. Two black pins make up the eyes. Shorten the needles with pliers and place in the rosehip.

8. Branched twigs placed in the upper part of the rosehip give the antlers.