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Eye tremors (nystagmus)


Definition, causes and symptoms of eye tremors

Causes of eye tremors are overwork, stress, magnesium deficiency, fright or even drafts - there are many causes of uncontrolled, jerky eye tremors (medical: nystagmus). But also corneal scars, color blindness or defects of the net or choroid can cause eye shaking.


With acute eye tremors, it helps to breathe consciously, to count ten and relax. Then focus on the eyelid, for example tearing open the eyes. And distract for a moment or "command" the muscles rest. Also important: Provide enough breaks for PC work and long car rides. If the eye shaking occur again and again or spread to other parts of the face, you should consult a doctor.

Prevention and self-help

If the cause of eye tremors is stressful situations and anxiety, you can avoid the blinking of the eyes by consciously remembering that nothing can happen to you in those situations where you feel stressed or anxious. The conscious breathing and the counting of the breaths prevent the shivering of the eyes .

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