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Breathless: Helene Fischer sings with our World Cup heroes

Helene Fischer sings a black-red-gold version of 'Atemlos'.
Photo: twitter / Mats Hummels

'Our dream come true' - Helene Fischer sings a black-red-gold version of her hit 'Atemlos' together with our World Champion heroes.

What can not our boys do? They play football like the world champions, dance like the pros and sing like the experts. Considering that they were supported by superstar Helene Fischer, maybe not so hard either. The hit icon received our boys at the Brandenburg Gate in reception.

Together, Helene and the boys 'breathless' went through Berlin. A phenomenal reception, a gigantic song: Helene Fischer came up with something very special for our Elf and gave her 'breathless' a black and red and gold coat:' Our dream is true! We have the World Cup trophy! (...) Feel what football does to us! (...) '.