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Doctor finds mold in the breasts of this woman!

This woman got sick through her breast implants
Photo: Facebook / Pinterest
  1. The breast implants mold and rot
  2. Sick by breast implants
  3. Mold in the body
  4. At some point everyone will get sick

The breast implants mold and rot

When Anne Ziegenhorn from Florida fell ill in 2011, no doctor at first knew what she had. Until a specialist found out that her breasts are moldy!

It all started in 2011: Anne Ziegenhorn fell ill. She lost weight, she could see worse and her whole body was covered in wounds. No doctor could help her until she got to Dr. Susan Kolb, a specialist in breast implants. She found out that her breast implants were moldy!

Sick by breast implants

Usually, women wear their breast implants for eight to ten years. The longer women wear the implants, the higher the risk of complications. The silicone pads may deform, the silicone may leak or it may lead to capsular contracture leading to uncomfortable tensions and chest pains.

Mold in the body

At Anne Ziegenhorn, after just two years, she became ill with her implants! When she had her implants taken out, the whole disaster came to light: The implants were moldy and rotten! When you see the video of her breast implants, it's no wonder that Anne Ziegenhorn was feeling very bad. That can not be healthy if you have mold in your body! All her symptoms were triggered by the mold and a bad reaction to the silicone.

Here you can see a video of the moldy breast implants posted by Anne Ziegenhorn on Facebook

Here's the tease, full story later. Paula Blades and Amanda Gilcrease & photo appearance by Kimberly Hobbs

Posted by Anne Gudson Goat horn on Monday, November 30, 2015

At some point everyone will get sick

"In my experience - and I already have 30 years of experience in this profession - someday everyone will get sick from the breast implants, " Dr. Kolb.

Another patient of Dr. med. Susan Kolb, who got well again when I was removed from breast implants, reports, "All my neurological symptoms, such as burning, numbness, electrifying pain all over my body, disappeared immediately."

Anne Ziegenhorn now wants to warn other women against the dangers of breast implants through a committee called The Implant Truth Survivors.