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Working for the Royals: Duchess Kate is looking for a housekeeper

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Royal job advertisement

Ever wanted to work with Duchess Kate and Prince William? Now the chances are not so low to be taken ...

Washing a bit of laundry, cooking lunch, making beds - anyone who has ever wanted to know how the British royal family is doing could now get the opportunity. According to "Telegraph", a job posting in the magazine "The Lady" showed that Kate and William are looking for a housekeeper.

In addition to the regular household activities, the new employee should also be good with children and dogs. Not to be ruled out, that sometimes you go on a tour through the county of Norfolk with the royal dog and stroller. Duchess Kate and Prince William want to retire there as soon as Baby Number Two is born.

And as a housekeeper with the Royals, do you become a financial "big player"? About the possible payment is in the job advertisement nothing. And the working hours are quite flexible. The core times are from Monday to Friday - but weekend work and overtime could be incurred. However, an apartment that would provide enough space for itself and a partner is provided.

And honestly? Who would not like to breathe a little royal air and take care of sweet Prince George ?!