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Antoine Leiris lost his wife in Paris - now he writes a letter to the terrorists

The Frenchwoman Helene Muyal Leiris was killed in the terrorist attacks in Bataclan.

"We will find each other again, in a paradise of free souls you will never have access to"

She was just 35, mother of a young son and so in love with her husband - six days ago, the wife of Frenchman Antoine Leiris was killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris. Now her husband is writing a powerful letter to the killers.

It's easy to feel hatred for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. But unfortunately, hate is exactly what the terrorists want to stir up in all of us. Because hatred gives them the energy to drive us into the confines of fear. That's why the husband of a victim of the attacks now writes a moving and powerful letter to his wife's killer.

"Every bullet in my wife's body was a wound in God's heart"

The French journalist Antoine Leiris has lost his beloved wife through the terrorist shots. But he and his son do not want to give in to hate. These are the indomitable words of the grieving widower:

"On the night of last Friday you stole the life of an extraordinary being, she was the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not get my hatred.

I do not know who you are and I do not want to know, your souls are dead.

If the God for whom you kill so blindly has created us in his image, then every one of your bullets in the body of my wife was a wound in his heart. "

Antoine, who met and loved his wife Helen Muyal-Leiris 12 years ago, continues:

"Of course, now I am devastated with sadness, I can not refuse you this small victory, but it will be short lived, I know that my wife will be with us every day and one day we will find each other again, in one Paradise of the free souls you will never have access to. "

The letter, which has already been divided a hundred thousand times, ends with the words:

"My son and I, we are only two humans, but we are more powerful than all the armies of this world, I have no more time to waste on you, I have to go back to my son, who will soon wake up from his nap 17 months old, he will eat his meal like every day and after that we will go play like every day and every day of his life this little boy will meet you with his happiness and his freedom.

You will not get his hatred either. "

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Posted by Antoine Leiris on Monday, 16 November 2015

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