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Anna Wintour: Just a dress for Fashion Week

The dress that Anna Wintour wore to Marni's show on Sunday ...
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Fashionable reunion! One dress, two fashion shows

Designer pieces are far too beautiful to wear only once. Anna Wintour now finds this out and shows herself in the same outfit at the Fashion Week Milan within three days.

Suitcases stuck in inches? A wrinkle disaster when ironing? Or is now about the strict fashion rule "Never wear an outfit twice" relaxed from the top? Otherwise, we can hardly explain why fashion icon and head of US Vogue Anna Wintour the same dress twice in just three days to Fashion Week Milan .

Anna Wintour, who has been at the forefront of Vogue since 1988, is considered one of the most powerful figures in fashion business and the most feared fashion critic in the world. Rigid look. Examining eyes. Just attitude. This is how the editor-in-chief shows herself in the front rows of fashion shows. She decides what and who is hip. Anna Wintour has been faithful to her look for many years : pageboy cut, XL sunglasses, elegant costumes, nude sandals. And for her latest appearance in Milan, the Vogue boss even pushed her "signature style" to the extreme: she came to the shows of Marni and Max Mara, one on Thursday, the other on Sunday, just in exactly the same look. And that the fashion perfectionist wears an entire outfit twice is almost a revolution!

Does the winter tour have to save now? Nonsense, her wardrobe must be about the size of a spacious apartment and the most talented designers are lining up to make their creations available to her. But Anna Wintour knows: women who do not worry about money, hang her heart on a dress. We think it's great!