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Instructions 'Woll Zoo' Knitting Pattern: How to Knitt the Cuddliest Cat in the World!

You want a cat as a company in front of the TV? With this cuddly knitted cat the dream will come true!

Do not scratch: Our cuddly knitted cat
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need ( size: about 28 cm)

Material :

Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 85, 100 g in 00205 camel, Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 120, 50 g in 00111 chocolate Needle no. 5 - 6 for the teddy, No. 3-4 for the scarf, filling cotton, embroidery needle, crochet hook for tying the fringes

Knitting tension:

With Merino Extrafine 85 and Needles Nos. 5-6 with smooth right: 16 stitches x 23 rounds = 10 x 10 cm

That's how it's done:

Smooth right: front right M, back left M.

Schemes: Body, head and ears smooth right in nature according to the drawings str, 1 box = 1 st; the Randm are marked with. The points on the body as well as the triangles in the ears can be subsequently embroidered on or incorporated into the knitting. When knitting in the color areas work with different balls and cross the threads on the back of the work when changing color.


Front of the body: Start with one leg. Cast on 4 sts in stocking st in stocking st, start with 1 st in stockinette st. While doing so, strike or stiffen M on both sides as shown. After the 22. R shut down the 15 M. Do not cut the thread. For the second leg 3, hit and str as indicated, with 1 beginning. After 23 R shut down the 15 M. In the next row cast on the 15 sts of 1st leg, knit 1 st again, sts the disused 15 sts of 2nd leg, then cast on 2 sts again, then close down the 33 sts. Cast on 5 sts for the tail and knit 23 rows as indicated, starting with 1 row = 15 sts. Continue working over all sts, beginning with a spine and brushing the 15 sts of tail, cast on 4 sts again, then cast off 33 sts str = 52 sts. Cast off the remaining R as shown and cast off at approx. 18.5 cm, following the 66 R of the scheme, cast off the remaining 14 sts. Back of the body: Opposite str, ie the back from left to right, the back from right to left. Front of the head: cast on 14 sts and work smoothly to the right according to the diagram, starting with 1 st. While doing so, strike or stiffen the sts as shown on both sides. At approx. 11 cm height, after the 40th row, cast off the remaining 13 sts. Back of the head: Opposite str, ie the back from left to right, the back from right to left. Ears: Cast on 9 sts and work smoothly to the right according to the diagram, begin with 1 st in the beginning. When doing so, bind off M from both sides as shown, or strike again. After the 20th round bind off the 9 sts. The 2nd ear work as well. Completion: See also photo. First stretch the parts and let them dry under damp cloths. Embroider the dots and triangles as needed. Embroider the pieces as follows: Embroider the face of the cat in purple on the front of the head, the lines with stem stitches, the nose with satin stitches. For the claws at the feet on the front of the body with 2 threads 3 embroidery stitches each in purple. Sew the front and back of the body and the head together, leaving an opening at the neck for filling. Dump the pieces, then sew the head to the body. Half fold each ear and close the side seams. Now just stuff the ears slightly and sew them to the head on both sides. Put the grosgrain ribbon around the neck and tie it to the bow.

And here is the instructions.