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Instructions for a knitted mouse with pink scarf

You just have to have this sweet knitting mouse!
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Strickspecial "TV Week"

You just need to have this cute knit wool knit mouse? No problem! With this knitting pattern you can simply knit the animal.

You need this for the knit mouse:

  • Schachenmayr / SMC. Extla Merino "{100% virgin wool (Merino superwash, length approx. 130m / SOg} 100 g in mid-gray Fb 92, SOg in WollweiB Fb 02 and Cremerosa Fb 36)
  • a needles game No. 3.5.
  • synthetic filling wadding
  • black pearl yarn
  • 2 black buttons with bridge

Mesh test: 2: 2 M and 30 R "10 K 10 cm

Basic pattern: Plain finish: s "For rounds (Rd), knit only right M. Knit back R M right and R back left-hand sts.

Increases: After the 1st M and before the last M 1 work envelope and knit this off in the following Rd right hand side.

Decreases: Knit the 2nd and 3rd right sides together, knit the third and last M to the right side.

Dot pattern: M-number divisible by 4 + 1 + edge-M. 1st and 2nd R: Smooth right in white. 3rd and 4th R: Lift-M in middle gray. Take off the edge of the right - hand side stitch as if to the left side (keep the thread on the left side of the knit, off always wdh, finish with 1 st on the right, edge on st 5, and 6 on the right side. and 8. R: Raise · M in Mitlelgrau.Rand · M, '1M Turn off left knit as off, 1 st on right, 1 st as off to the left knit, repeat from' always repeat ', end with 1 st as in left hand knit, edge · M. • Repeat R twice.

And that's how easy it is:

Work all parts with 4 needles from the game: Spread the M on 3 needles and knit with the 4th needle.

Hull: Cast on 30 sts in gray (knit from top to bottom) = knit 10 sts per needle and knit in basic pattern on round. The first increases in the 3rd round work = 6 increased M = 36 sts. The following increases work 3 times in each of the 2nd round, 1x in the 4th round and 2x in the 6th round = 72 sts = 24 sts per needle. After 10 cm = in the 31. R work the first decreases = 6 taken off M = 66 M. The decreases still 3 times in every 3rd round, 3 times in every 2nd round and 3 times in each round = 12 sts. The last 12 sts in Sew knitting stitch together.

Right leg: (start with the sole of the foot) Cast on 9 sts in gray and knit in the basic pattern 2 R each gray, 2 R wool white. For the increases on both sides in each of the 2nd R 3x 1M, in the 4th R take 1xM = 17 m. 14 R without increases, then 1 dc on both sides = 15 sts. The decreases 1x in the 4th R and 2 more times in each 2nd R wdh = 9 sts. After 36 rs leave the 9 sts on the needle and from the sole of the foot all around in gray 51 sts. Knit over this 60 sts 4 rounds, then mark 7 sts for the foot sheet at the upper round. Knitted on each side before these M 2 sts on right side, knit after these 7 sts 2 sts to the right = 58 sts. Knit these sts off 11x wdh = 36 sts 15 dc straight up, then for upper, inner leg stain at the corresponding point ( 3 sts to the right) mark 2 sts and then knit 2 sts in each row before and after these sts, then bind off 26 sts.

For the left leg, start the sole in wool-white and knit it in the dot pattern, only knit the inseams and waists in the wool-white Hin-R. Do not count the R with the gray dots in the increments and decreases. The upper leg slope work the same.

Arms: For the inside, in wool white 8, knit and knit in stockinette st, making 2 sts in each of 2 rounds R 1m and 1 st in row 4 = 14 sts. After 12 sts inc 1 sts. Cast on 9 sts in middle gray and knit in stockinette st, making 2 rows in each of 2 rows in stocker sts and 1 row = 1 st = 15 sts. Add 14 sts inside and continue gray on round for 29 min. knit 1 row and gray sts in color on the 1st round = 27 sts. Knit 32 sts in a straight line, then mark the middle sts (= gray outside) for the top of the arm, and then remove 1 st on each side, then the remaining 19 sts Mabketten.

Head: Start in mid-back at 18 sts = knit 6 sts per needle and knit in basic pattern on round. In the 5th round after every M18x take 1M = 36 sts. On the 10th round increase after every 2 sts 18x 1 st = 54 sts in the 15th round after every 2 sts 18x1m = 72 sts. Knit 6 sts without reductions, then mark the position for the ears: Work 12 sts left, 12 sts right, 12 sts left, finish round with 36 sts. After 6 round from ear mark the 3 declines: each 2 minutes center of the ears, between each 22 mark still mark 1 x 2 sts. Knit 2 times stocking sts = 66 sts, work 2 rows to the right = 66 sts, work 2 rows = 4 sts = 42 sts, then work 5 times in each row = 12 sts. After 3 sts work again and take the last 6 Mauf a thread and sew.

Cast on 14 minutes for the right ear and knit in R in the basic pattern. In the second row increase after every M13x 1 st = 27 sts. After 10 rows from the piece in the striped pattern = 2 pieces each wool white, 2 rows continue gray. Knit together in the 9th row of the stripe pattern 13x 2 sts. After 12 R stripe patterns the 14 Mabketten. Start the left ear in the same way, but work after 10 R from the stop in the dot pattern.

Completion: stuff all knitwear down to the ears with filling cotton. Tighten the head opening with the stop thread tightly and sew. Close the narrow sides of the ears and sew the ears to the head: The left mam head part are for marking. Sew on the button eyes. Embroider the nose with the black pearl yarn, the mouth in the stitch. Sew the head onto the trunk, then sew on the arms. Finally sew on the legs: Here decides the position, whether the teddy should stand or sit. Shawl: Cast on in Cremerosa 8 and knit about 35 - 40 cm garter sts = back and forth rows sts. Tie in short fringes at the ends.


M - mesh R - row
& l - Round
N2 edge stitch
GJMS - knit
w, qh - repeat

The instructions for download can be found here!

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