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Andreas Gabalier: Great worries about his beloved grandma

Folk music star Andreas Gabalier
Photo: PR

She is the most important person in his life!

She was always there when he needed her. Now it's the other way around.

The people cheered Andreas Gabalier (27, "I sing a Liad for di") on his tour through Austria, can not get enough of the dashing boy from Styria. Many friends and relatives visited Andreas Gabalier on his tour. Only one was not there: his beloved grandmother Maria (86).

Observers were very worried. Why was not she there? "She was not feeling so well. She accidentally dripped a foot in the eye by a stupid confusion. After that she had to spend two weeks in the darkened room. That took her a lot, "he reveals.

A difficult time - also for Andreas Gabalier . "My grandma is my eye star. She is a rock in the surf. "So it would be a real drama if he lost her.

Because she was always there when he needed her. Especially when his father Wilhelm († 52) and sister Elisabeth († 19) took their own lives. Before every trip, Andreas Gabalier answers : "I hope to see you again when I come back." Andreas is all the happier when he can embrace her again. Grandma Maria will be better again.