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Andreas Gabalier: "Every moment with Grandma is a gift for me"

Andreas Gabalier and his grandmother Maria look from the pasture to the village of Neumarkt (Styria) and enjoy the silence.
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After the big worries

Because she is always there for him even in difficult times!

Andreas Gabalier (27) tenderly holds his grandmother Maria in her arms. "Every moment with her is a present for me, " enthuses the singer ("Volks-Rock 'n' Roller").

To thank her, Andreas Gabalier surprised his "Omsi" with an excursion to the alp above their hometown in Styria (Austria) - and we were allowed to be there exclusively. In a hunting lodge at 1, 800 meters at the foot of the "Zirbitzkogel" Andreas had prepared a wonderful snack for his grandmother (hearty snack) with cheese, bacon, delicious sausage and fresh bread.

Grandma Maria trembled with joy and stealthily wiped away some tears. Again and again she whispered to Andreas: "You're crazy. I did not think that I could still experience that. "

The reason: Grandma Maria could almost never have discovered the beauties of her homeland. A few weeks ago, she accidentally dropped a caustic agent in her eyes and even threatened to go blind! "I had a hard time. I am all the more thankful for this wonderful day, "she confesses and tenderly squeezes the hand of her beloved grandson.

Both know what they have in common: When Andreas' daddy Wilhelm († 52) and his sister Elisabeth († 19) took their own life a few years ago, they gave each other a little rest. "I was worried about him. The music helped him to cope with everything, "says Maria.

Now Andreas Gabalier wants to give his grandma a lot back. "She's the last grandparent still alive, and I hope it will be like that for a long time."

Although she is already 86 years old and has a pacemaker, Andreas looks positively into the future: "Granny can not be helped by anything." And he does not thank her either.

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