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Andrea Berg: "I believe in angels - they have helped me so many times!"

Andrea Berg talks about her work in the hospice
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Interview with the pop star

She loves to give the fans pleasure with her music. But that alone is not enough for Andrea Berg (44). The pop singer wants to do more, wants to help terminally ill people through her hospice work. That is why she is an angel on earth for many. But there are also angels in heaven, Andrea is certain, as she tells in an interview with THE NEW BLADE.

How do you imagine your hospice work?

Andrea Berg : I'm there regularly and spend time with the sick. We are in the garden, singing, or I sit down at her bed, hold her hand and am there for her. Also for the relatives, they too need comfort. There I am not a star, but a normal person.

What do you do to keep this emotional work from eating you up?

Andrea Berg : I believe that the work will ground me. When I come home from the hospice, I am grateful and live and love the moment more intensely. Sometimes you have to see the pain to recognize happiness!

Do you believe in angels?

Andrea Berg : I do! You have helped me so many times already. You do not always have to explain everything, I just believe. I do not think that life ends with death. It is not final, maybe you can call it a move to a nicer house.

You think that you live on after death as an angel in heaven?

Andrea Berg: Yes. And I have many guardian angels who always take care of me. Because I often challenge fate, for example by B. travel a lot. I believe that we all have angels, that we can use them and communicate with them. They comfort us and we can ask them too.

You do that?

Andrea Berg: Yes, if I am concerned, I ask my angels for advice.

You are currently planning your open air and the tour. Will there be a new CD?

Andrea Berg: In any case, we are working on it right now. But currently I am concentrating fully on my tour, which took place on 24.07. celebrate its premiere with the Open Air in Aspach. I have not yet sung the new album.

Is it true that Jean Frankfurter will produce your new songs?

Andrea Berg : No, that's just a rumor and it's not true. But it will continue in some form without Eugen Römer.

And until then …

Andrea Berg: ... I'm planning my shows of "1001 Nights". It will be beautiful, romantic and I will also sing many of my old hits. It is visually very beautiful - a little fairy tale, a really nice show with great passion and zest for life.

Is it oriental?

Andrea Berg: In "1001" is my song "You have lied to me 1000 times" again, but also the nights that I like to sing. Dreams are in there, hope is in it. I hope that I can fulfill all the expectations of my fans.

Will there be spectacular show effects?

Andrea Berg: Yes, there will also be many surprises. But I do not want to give away too much!

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