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Andrea Berg: "My dad is very proud

On stage Andrea Berg lets herself be carried by positive emotions
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Almost two years ago, her father died

Andrea Berg (46) will never forget this evening. When recording her anniversary show "20 years of Andrea Berg" (broadcast: 12.01.2013, 20:15 on ARD), the Schlager Queen experienced a changing of feelings: "This evening has touched me deeply. It was very intense. That all my loved ones were with me is indescribable, "she admits.

Family, friends and many of their colleagues came to Offenburg (Baden) to celebrate a great party with her. But one was missing: Papa Jürgen cells († 68). He died of cancer two years ago.

The firefighter had always believed in his daughter, supporting her every moment of her life. At its greatest moment, he was not there. "He could not be there, but many buddies and his best friends. Dad is always with me in my heart. And I'm sure he's so proud of me in heaven, "says Andrea .

Then she adds affectionately: "If there are doors up there, he would not be able to fit through with pride. I know for a fact that he thinks, 'Look, this is my girl.' "

Especially for Andreas Mama Helga (68) the evening was very special. Again and again she wiped a tear from the corners of her eyes, smiling at her daughter. "I was happy that she was with me, " admits the singer.

Now Andrea Berg is looking forward to the future. Because she has big plans. "Now I will read a few books and gather new strength. After that, I'm looking forward to my first own cookbook, which will be released in February. "And then her dad will be incredibly proud of being" his girl "again.