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Andrea Berg: That's how she reacts to fan frustrations after wine posting

Actually, Andrea Berg just wanted to be happy about her wine ...
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Can you advertise your wine?

That's what Andrea Berg (47) had imagined differently: On her Facebook page, she and her fans wanted to be happy about their own wine and posted a picture of the label. But instead of peace, joy, pancakes, there was fan frustration ...

Because what made some fans into the swarm of enjoyment, made others just pissed: Andrea Berg constantly make only advertising for their products. First her cookbook "Soul Kitchen", now also her wine. Some fans saw themselves as marketing victims.

"Is it good to do wine trade with the fans now? I think ... no, the wine merchants do not start singing right away, " it says. And: "Hmmmm a rogue who thinks of money-making!" Or "Na Prima, if the ruble is already running well with the music you still have to earn money with Alk. Shabby stuff like that !!!"

Andrea Berg is shocked by so many negative reactions. Although the majority of the fans are behind her and looking forward to the noble drop, but a bitter aftertaste remains with the singer: "Too bad that now so many" negatives "frolicking!", She replies to the criticism.

Actually, she would only have been proud of her wine - especially the saying on the label: "Wine is like music, love is everything and without love everything is nothing!"

You can hear that the "haters", as they are called in the internet jargon, are sensitive to them. "My vineyard is only a small and pure hobby, but I will write better in the future, as the weather is !!" writes Andrea Berg .

From many fans she gets backing: "Let the people who love Andrea Berg about everything (I like her songs too) but just talk about the wine ..., I would not want to buy the net ..., but what is because "shabby" on it? ", asks a fan." For this "marketing" of wine and other things, Andrea honestly pay taxes, not like some others in Bavaria ... ", replies another fan." I stand with you No matter what comes and I'm looking forward to the wine and especially to the open air !!! ", writes a fan from Hamburg.

The support is overwhelming. And that should make it clear to Andrea Berg that real fans are also interested in what she does beyond the stage. Everything is so wild and no reason for "fair weather posts" ...

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