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Amanda Seyfried: Too fat for Hollywood?

Hollywood is a pretty tough place - with sometimes absurd beauty ideals, which are especially troublesome for the female actors. Also Amanda Seyfried can sing a song of it.

Some filmmakers Amanda Seyfried had allegedly too much on the ribs ...
Photo: Getty Images

Nowhere else is so much snipped, sprayed and sucked off as in the dream factory. The enormous pressure, which weighs on actresses, has partly absurd dimensions. Sun Amanda Seyfried recently tweeted that she had already gone through some roles almost because she was supposedly too fat .

Okay ... what was going on there ?! Even if we make an effort, we can not find a gram on the slender actress who is sitting in the wrong place (the photo-proof is above). In an interview with British Elle, Amanda Seyfried revealed some time ago, "I do not have to look like a supermodel, I do not have to have abdominal muscles, but I'm still expected to want that ... Thanks for Kate Upton, she's a supermodel and has curves. "

Slowly we wonder when filmmakers understand that we really did not want to see any artificially downed actresses on the screen. A healthy mix of women with different characters would be a start: Curvy AND slim - just as it is in real life ...

Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America.

- Amanda Seyfried (@AmandaSeyfried) October 19, 2014