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In the end, Peter Falk lived in his own world ...

Sad farewell to TV hero "Columbo"

Oh, I have one more question ... "When" Columbo "said this sentence and frowned, we knew that this case is almost solved. We admired him for that and kept him faithful - from 1968 to 2003. Overall, Peter Falk identified as a television detective in 69 episodes and various repetitions. Now he is dead. He will be missed:

The role of the quirky inspector made the US star the most popular series star of all time: the greater the consternation, as 2007 is known to be suffering from Alzheimer's. The doctors diagnose "accelerated dementia". Soon, Peter Falk can not even remember his legendary movie character. He lives in his own world ... The last photo shows him in April 2008 completely disoriented on the open road. The famous TV Commissioner is no longer in a position to make independent decisions. A tragedy. His guardianship is contested by Shera Danese, 61, with whom Peter Falk has been married for 33 years, and his adoptive daughter Catherine, 40, from his first marriage. It's about a lot of money. Friends talk about the equivalent of seven million euros. Shera gets the nod. Catherine is allowed to visit the father every two weeks. Also daughter Jackie (49) interferes. There is only noise. A good friend says, "Peter has suffered and lost his courage. He no longer wanted to eat, could no longer speak, had to be artificially ventilated. " When the movie hero dies on June 23 at his Los Angeles home, it's like salvation. Now begins the dispute over the heritage. Good that "Columbo" does not notice.

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