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Everyone wants fake fur jackets!

Fluffy on style foray: coat by Pepe Jeans, about 200 euros. Ringpulli from LTB on, about 40 Euro, and coated tube from Esprit, about 70 Euro.
Photo: Frauke Fischer

The cuddly trend of the winter season

May we announce? Fake fur jackets, the hippest and most beautiful warm-makers of the season, are as suitable for a winter walk as they are for a trendy restaurant. Cuddle factor: very high!

What we highly recommend to you now: the new trendy plush coats and fake fur jackets . Because it can be in the winter 2014/15 beautiful einmummeln - and they immediately give every outfit a touch 70ies style.

The fake fur jackets and coats made of fluffy faux fur give denim looks a modern hippie flair - and they give leather basics a bit of playfulness. Even as a cuddly complement to the elegant Pencil Skirt or cigarette pants, they are doing well. And with striped pullover they understand each other great. Is it clear, right? We will not take off this "Wuschels" until April!

Still looking for her cuddly partner? The most beautiful fake-fur models are on the top to click through!

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