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Alexander Skarsgard as half-naked chicken - on family portrait

Alexander Skarsgard dropped the covers for a photo with relatives

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard emphasizes again and again his aversion to clothes. It seems to go so far that he was posing half naked on a family portrait. A really likeable family has the "True Blood" hottie. His relatives also seem to be very aware of Alexander Skarsgard's best qualities. While they were all sitting together for a nice group photo, they let the actor in the background mime the sharp pubs. Really funny is the photo that shows the relatives along with children friendly smiling on the couch. Behind them, the Hollywood star, shirtless, in a bodybuilder pose, totally incongruous. From Sweden he explains again and again that he grew up very freely and considers nudity totally normal. Alexander Skarsgard grew up with a constantly-naked dad. Recently, when performing on Conan O'Brien's talk show, Alexander Skarsgard said he first saw his dad in pants at the age of 14. In that case, it's almost amazing that at least the other members of his family have something in the funny photo! SE