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Albinism: Baby sees mother for the first time clear

Louise beams: For the first time she sees her mother through the glasses!
Photo: Screenshot / Louise and Albinism

A magical moment

Albinism affects the eyesight of the little baby named Louise. Now she gets glasses. The moment she sees her mother correctly for the first time creates goose bumps!

When talking about albinos, the image of a white mouse with red eyes often appears before the inner eye. But albinism can occur in any living thing and occurs in humans worldwide with an average frequency of 1: 20, 000.

People with albinism have both lighter hair, as well as a light skin and even eye color. The reason for this is the disruption of the synthesis of melanin, which leads to a lack of pigment. Albinism is inherited recessively.

In addition to an increased risk of skin cancer, since the light skin is much more sensitive, albino in people often have poor eyesight. This is how it goes for the little Louise in the video.

The baby knows the world so far only from her own point of view, which seemed always blurred because of albinism for her. But since Louise was born with low vision, she is unaware that she can even see clearly. This is changing in this incredible video, with the baby trying out glasses for the first time!

The view through the glasses is new for Louise

At first, the little Louise seems rather dissatisfied, the visual aid provides a foreign body for her. But when she realizes what the object is doing on her nose, the tiny eyes suddenly become quite big. The baby sees her mother for the first time. Until that moment, she was just a blurry perception, now she can look at her in full beauty. The moment must be indescribable for Louise, for whom a blurry vision had been normal. When she looks at her mother for the first time, a happy smile flits across her face.

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