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Acupuncture: miracle weapon for pain

Acupuncture helps in 70 percent of chronic back problems
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Feel-good world

Amazing how well the Far Eastern method helps. "Many patients rightly put their hope for needle therapy, " says acupuncture expert Dr. med. Helmut Rüdinger.

German Medical Association for Acupuncture (DÄGfA) University of Hamburg In the healing method, the skin is stimulated at certain points with fine needles. Headache / Migraine: Cure for the Nerves Back and joint pain: 70 percent success rate

Hay fever and asthma: help for the immune system

New studies show that acupuncture also helps against allergies. Dr. Rüdinger: "In hay fever, the doctor puts needles on points that strengthen the immune system, for example, in the neck and elbow area.Most often, the hay fever improves after about eight treatments.

Particularly effective is an additional ear acupuncture. "In allergic asthma, various points are stimulated, which specifically strengthen the lungs.

Regular symptoms: hormones are regulated

A tug in the abdomen, convulsions, restlessness or nausea - many women know that. And many of them accompany the monthly before or during the rule, even into the menopause, without the possibility of school doctors doing something about it. But acupuncture can often help.

The expert: "The therapy stimulates the Qi, effectively quenches pain, calms the nerves, relaxes the muscles and regulates the hormonal balance.Therefore, one can treat especially painful, excessive and / or too frequent bleeding, also the premenstrual syndrome (PMS ), for which especially nervousness, breast tenderness or dizziness are typical three to four days before the rule. " How many needle treatments are needed is individual and depends on the severity of the condition.

Menopause: why the kidneys are treated too

Because acupuncture regulates the hormone balance, it also helps with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or sleep disorders. According to the teachings of the TCM, the life force of the kidneys is often disturbed during menopause, and this weakens the ovaries and uterus. Therefore, acupuncture doctors usually also stimulate the kidney qi.

Dizziness / Tinnitus: The doctor is looking for the cause

These complaints are often a signal for physical or emotional overload, according to TCM. Acupuncture doctors search for the possible cause with detailed questions and detailed examinations. Stress, worry or even grief can burden organs such as the liver or kidneys.

During acupuncture, the corresponding skin points are then stimulated. Relieves stress dizziness or tinnitus, acupuncture doctors also give tips for good relaxation methods, such as. Qigong.

Where can I find a good doctor?

So that physicians may call themselves "acupuncture doctor", they must pass an exam before the State Medical Association. It is best to go to a doctor who has the B-diploma.

Addresses can be found on the Internet at The certified members of the German Medical Association for Acupuncture with their diplomas are listed by postal code.

When does the health insurance fund pay?

An acupuncture session costs depending on duration and effort between 30 and 70 euros. The statutory health insurance pay in some cases, eg. As in chronic back pain or chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis.

Some funds take over also in other cases at least a part of the costs. In any case, you should first inquire at the cashier.

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