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Adele and Simon Konecki should have separated

Separation laws: Adele

Another sad star separation befell us shortly before the end of the year> Although the couple completely withdrawn from the public and took a lot of time for each other, their love failed: Adele and Simon Konecki have allegedly separated, but hopefully not final.

Adele and her husband Simon Konecki are said to be separated for a while and became known at the end of December 2014.

Adele separation
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The end of the relationship has not yet been officially confirmed, however, a confidant of the "Sun" reported that the two now live about two hours apart.

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The singer denied everything on December 28, 2014 via Twitter and emphasized that she and Simon were still together, one should just not believe the talk. Nevertheless, it seems that the father of her son, born in 2012, now lives in his bachelor apartment in Brighton, while Adele stayed in London. Only a temporary break maybe?

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