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Adam Lambert desperately wants with Christina Aguilera

Giant Christina fan: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert
Christina Aguilera's sexy new image and her trip to the other shore in distress Myself Tonight, paired with remarks that she likes to be a bit bi in real life, at least seem to make a mighty impression: Adam Lambert absolutely wants to sing with her, betrayed the self-gay glam rocker, who already has a few high-profile musical collaborations for himself. He has already recorded songs from Lady Gaga's, Muse's Matt Belamy and Justin Hawkins, the Bionic singer would only be the The icing on the cake is to put Adam Lambert in the ranks of international top stars. So far less popular in Europe than in the US, such a collaboration could finally make the desired career jump across the pond. Nothing but private motives Adam Lambert calls for his desire to work with Christina To aguilera. Almost the same age, he was already impressed by her career as a teenager. There is no one who gets to her voice. I think it would be fun to sing with her. She's a real powerhouse! We think they'd definitely make a pretty handsome couple on stage, and the show might have pure sex appeal, but not at all What do you think about the idea of ​​sending Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera together on the stage? SE Even more star news on JOY Online >> Stars and their Style - on COSMOPOLITAN Online >>