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Sew accessories

Photo: Colin McGuire / Knaur

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A bit of experience and a book - you can do that too

Sew cute accessories

Lockstitch, dangling, hemming - these are not foreign words for you? Then the book "Sewing with Amy Butler" (Knaur Guide, 26 Euro) offers a whole range of new ideas.

And even those who have not yet sat on the sewing machine, gets a great desire while browsing, try the sewing itself once.

With easy-to-follow guides and full-size patterns, it's amazingly easy to implement the fabric ideas of American designer Amy Butler. 25 suggestions, from pillows, bags to utensils (see photo) are included.

Web tip:

There is no fabric shop near you? Then take a look at Here you will find under 6 000 substances determines the right one for your project. In addition many tips and accessories.