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Demarcation !? Why there is a social fence in Darmstadt now

The social fence in Darmstadt is a good idea!
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The social fence in Darmstadt is not intended to exclude

Granted, he does not look pretty - the social fence is an ingenious idea!

By definition, the social fence in Darmstadt fortunately has nothing to do. Instead, it is meant to provide needy people with warm clothes.

Here in Darmstadt, in the city center, people can pack social donations such as warm winter clothes and hygiene items such as toothbrushes in bags and then hang them up at the social fence. On each bag hangs a piece of paper, which describes exactly what is in the bag: "Jeans, size 42" for example.

Great idea!

Needy people and homeless people can "pick up" what they need right there. A great idea, find many Darmstadt like Birte Frey, who enthusiastically took a picture of the fence and posted this on her Facebook account:

Sometimes people ask me why I love Darmstadt so much. I wonder: how am I not to love a city in ...

Posted by Birte Frey on Thursday, 7 January 2016

The action was initiated by Benjamin Nover. The daily "Darmst├Ądter Echo" said the 35-year-old: "I have lived on the street for four and a half years and therefore know what the homeless need." He was inspired by similar actions in other cities. There was a " Warmnachtsbaum " in December - helpers hung gifts for the needy on a clothesline.

With the social fence anyone can now easily, anonymously and quickly give away things that he no longer needs.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign, you can join the Facebook group: Social fence Darmstadt on Facebook.

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