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Downed flight MH17: Passenger jokes before departure

Photo: Facebook

Did he see his fate come?

Macabre joke: A few hours before the downing of the plane over Ukraine, a passenger on Facebook has joked about a crash.

298 people died in the supposed shooting down of a passenger plane over the crisis area of ‚Äč‚Äčeastern Ukraine - including dozens of families with children. Since the aircraft belonged to the same airline, as the missing in March flight MH370, allowed one of the passengers before the start in Amsterdam a macabre joke .

On Facebook, the young Dutchman posted a mobile phone photo of the MH17 aircraft at the terminal and wrote the sentence: "If we disappear, that's what our plane looks like." His Facebook friends were amused and wished him a good trip. They had no idea that they would never see their friend again .

When the plane crashed through the media, some friends finally asked anxiously if he was okay and if he was really on board. Meanwhile they have sad certainty.