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Off to the bed! 13 helpful gardening tips

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How do I properly pour? Which earth is the right one now? What to do with aphids? We have the best tips for gardening.

Our garden is our energy elixir. We enjoy it as often as the weather allows. For city dwellers, their own garden is even a true source of tranquility.

But of course a little bit of work does the green as well. Weeds must be weeded, bushes pruned and plants poured. Of course we'll get that with the left - no question!

But was that perhaps a little bit of water for the flowers in the bed ? When do I have to repot my new little plantlets? How much and which fertilizer does the beautiful green need? And what are the funny yellow spots on the otherwise beautiful rose petals?

We have the answers around questions of garden maintenance . Click here for the garden tips !