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Off to the grill! New accessories for more fun

We show barbecue accessories for an unforgettable barbecue.
Photo: Fotolia: Peter Atkins,, Butlers

Unusual and beautiful!


Grill accessories do not always have to be black and bulky. Unfortunately, many seem to think that. Because when you look at grills and their accessories, the products on offer get bigger and unnecessarily complicated. With "more power" and a thousand setting possibilities, grilling (unfortunately often by overzealous men) becomes a science.

But we do not want to conduct research, but simply toast the barbecue and spend a nice, relaxed evening with our friends and / or our family.

That's why we take the seriousness out of the matter and show you visually beautiful, funny and unusual grills and grill accessories that bring back the carefree fun of grilling!