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9 funny Justin Bieber quotes

Justin Bieber is still a baby

Justin Bieber / Instagram

Little Justin Bieber would love to look like a real man. In recent interviews, he indicates with how many girls he has messed around, flirts publicly with the girls of the band "Queensberry" and - as could be read on his Twitter account - now has it on the ten years older Cheryl Cole aside.

However, the "Huffington Post" now put together nine funny quotes from the singer, which prove that Justin Bieber may not be as mature as he often presents himself ... Here are the most naive Bieber expressions:

1. "People write to me and say, 'I'll give up, you're not talking to me.' You know, I'll write a simple message back to you like 'never give up'. And it changes her life. "

2. "I also try to read all my fan mail. Many send me sweets, but I can not eat them because my mom says they could be poisoned. "

3. "I want to have fun in my world having fun. No parents, no rules, nothing. Nobody can stop me. "

4. Regarding the word "German" [Bieber misunderstood this in the interview, we hope ...]: "We do not use this word in America."

5. "I'm just a 16 year old kid, I make good grilled cheese and I like girls."

6. "It's sometimes hard to reconcile school and work, but sometimes, like going to the White House and going on a tour or something, it's like school."

7. "I would like to be an architect, that would be cool, I like drawing."

8. About Kim Kardashian: "I think she's cute, and no, she's not too old for me, over 40 is a bit too old for me."

9. About his worst habits: "I eat too many sweets, I like Sour Patch Kids."

Haha, it turns out that Justin Bieber is still a pretty kid's head - but that's cute too! Maybe Justin should not make an effort to be so grown up and constantly fondle with older ladies. :-)

What do you mean - should Justin Bieber rather sing about gummy bears instead of flirting with hot girls?