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9-year-old Hailey builds house for the homeless

Photo: facebook / Hailey's Harvest

Mobile sleeping place for the homeless

At age five, Hailey buys a sandwich to a homeless person. Four years later, she builds a house for him. An incredible story that causes tears.

What do 9 year old girls like most? Maybe play with dolls. Or paint on a picture. Not so Hailey. Hailey is different. She builds a house day and night. Not at a dollhouse, but at a house for her homeless friend Edward.

The two have already known each other for four years. The then 5-year-old girl is traveling with her mother when she meets Edward. She asks her mother to buy him a sandwich. Shortly afterwards Hailey places a vegetable garden at home. She wanted to help other needy, so the cheerful girl.

Four years later, Hailey has already harvested a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers - given away to the needy and gives them great pleasure. The only downside: Edward still has no roof over his head. Like many other homeless people, he carries only a cardboard box and a sleeping bag. "It just does not seem right to me that there are homeless people, " says Hailey. "I think everyone should have a place to live." Said and done.

Hailey starts to build a house. Every spare minute she builds windows and tighten screws. The result: a 2.40m long and 1.20m wide miniature house - including door, window and insulation. More houses are to follow. "I really do not want them getting wet all the time, with all the bad weather we have here, " Hailey explains.

Charity knows no age - Hailey is proof that it does not take much to help others. Only the will counts. And the 9-year-old has always.

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