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8 fashion classics that really pay off

The most important thing about your look? That you yourself are satisfied with your reflection - trend, trend.
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End with trend dictation: These parts can always be worn

Bye-bye, dress crises! With these eight classics you are prepared for every look. And best of all, these 8 fashion basics are free from any trend dictation.

Twice a year we are completely dissolved in front of the wardrobe, namely, just when phone book thick glossy magazines come up with their big trend side dishes. Traditionally in March and September, the new musthaves of the season are proclaimed - and the out-parts with the same. From experience, everything that we have acquired in the past six months ends up on the no-go list. Just were the fifties chic? Now the fashion of the 70s celebrates its trend comeback. You have created a whole collection full of statement chains? Pustekuchen, fat earrings are currently dernier cri and the neck remains naked please. Instead of mini , you suddenly wear midi in the summer ? We give up.

Fashion does not stop, trends continue to evolve. But who should come along at this rate? So buy everything again? Not! Not only that you have to rent your own apartment as a clothing store at some point, because the dilemma does not dissolve in the air. The frustrating thing: even if you invest your entire monthly income in the wardrobe, there is always a missing part that suddenly should be at the top of a new must-have list.

And it does exist, the way out of the fashionable misery: invest in fashion classics . The first time more expensive than newly copied runway goods, but have no expiration date. They allow you to dance the fashion on the planet, without completely submitting to the dictates of the designer. One who has had this twist for years: Anna Wintour . Since we think, the US Vogue boss wears a uniform that has become her trademark. The look of nudefarbenen sandals, shift dress and classic cardigan shows everyone: I have found my style and know what I am.

Fashion basics are not boring but a fashion statement. They are indispensable in any wardrobe because combine well. They symbolize taste and self-confidence. Not the look, but exactly this attitude, we can look away from Mrs. Wintour. And with this ulterior motive, it is much easier to cope with the new trends presented to us in six months.

We still know from 5th grade when math aces wore them by the arm. Hip again today - and starting at 20 euros.

Even Chuck Taylor knew: Converse make the best sneakers. Only one thing can be argued: Hi or Lo tops?

Formerly the hallmark of Pablo Picasso and Brigitte Bardot, today by French pop elves. And U.S!

Longing for New York? Fan of Audrey Hepburn? Then our "Breakfast at Tiffany" is just right for you. Because we serve you exceptionally nice little things that look as if they came straight from the legendary store on Fifth Avenue.

Somebody denim denim again as "out", we will probably no longer experience. Well, there is nothing better than a well-fitting pair of jeans.

Hardly any other piece of clothing has been as modern as the trenchcoat for so long. No wonder: he looks just as fancy dress as jeans. Original from Burberry, from about 800 euros.

Since 1955, the "2.55" already thrilled not only celebrities. This it-bag is forever. The original from Chanel from about 1, 800 euros, pretty look-alikes start at significantly less.

Bob Dylan wore them. Debbie Harry, Madonna and Michael Jackson as well. Of course, this refers to the best-known glasses under the sun: the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

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