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6 creative ideas: simply make lamps yourself

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Reading lamps, ceiling lights, self-created lampshades, lanterns - your creativity with our 6 DIY ideas knows no bounds.

What you need for the lamp with pearls:

  • Wire basket that fits over the lampshade frame (eg from House Doctor, 28, 90 Euro)
  • Lamp base with a small lampshade frame
  • Perlenband (Florists Supplies)
  • black thin cable ties
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1. Put the wire basket upside down on the lampshade frame. If it is loose, fix with cable ties.

2. Put the beads in loose loops over the basket and fasten them to the basket with a few cable ties at the top. Cut off protruding cable tie residues.

Props: Wire Basket: House Doctor; 28, 90 Euro Bild abc: Human Empire; 19, 90 Euro Bild Moon: House Doctor Vase Marble: Madam Stoltz Vase Copper: Depot; 3.99 euros

What you need for the ceiling lamp:

  • 30 sheets of paper 80 g / m2
  • Paper lampshade (eg from Ikea, REGOLIT, 1, 99 Euro)
  • Adhesive strips (eg tesa)
  • copier
  • pencil
  • scissors

That's how it works:

1. Draw a stylized oval feather shape of approx. 15 cm in length and approx. 5 cm in the middle five to six times on a sheet of paper and copy it 30 times.

2. Cut out the feathers, fold in the middle and open again. With the scissors cut diagonally to the center line often lengthwise, so that the structure of a spring is modeled.

3. Starting at the bottom of the lampshade, attach the springs to the "keel" with adhesive tape and continue spiraling upwards.

Props: Chair: Zuiver on Car; 179, 90 Euro Cushion, brown: Depot; 14, 99 Euro Cushion, gray: Zara Home Cup and Saucer: House of Rym Wire Basket: Menu Pictures: Human Empire

What you need for the dining lamp:

  • Bowl made of metal (eg from Ikea, ANGENÖM, 19, 90 Euro)
  • Electric cable with lamp socket
  • Drill with metal drill bits

That's how it's done:

1. Drill a hole the size of the cable diameter in the center of the bottom of the tray.

2. Pull the cable through so that the bulb is later inside the bowl.

3. Hang up the lamp and connect as instructed.

Attention: Have all electrical work done by a specialist!

Props: Bowls: APPROACH; IKEA; 19, 90 Euro Electric Cable: House Doctor over car, 28, 90 Euro Light Bulb: over Car, 18, 90 Euro Chair: House Doctorüber Car, 149, 80 Euro Table: House Doctor over Car, 829 Euro Poster, Human Empire, 20 Euro

You need this for the fairy lights:

  • Black thin straws
  • LED Christmas Lights
  • myrte
  • scissors

How to do it:

1. Cut straws into 4 cm pieces. For straws with kink, cut away the kink. For a straw object 9 pieces are needed.

2. Thread three straw pieces in a row onto the wire and tie them together. Do not cut wire. Thread two more pieces on the same wire and tie at one of the other two corners. Now connect the two tips of the two triangles with another piece.

3. Tie a piece of straw to each corner of a triangle on one side of the triangle pyramid and reconnect these three.

4. Bind the straw object to the bulbs of the fairy lights so that the light is in one of the tips.

Props: Salt and Pepper Mill: Menu Plate: Bloomingville

What you need for the screen with LED lights:

  • Canvas 60 x 80 cm (craft shop)
  • LED fairy lights for a total of 150 lights (eg three fairy lights - 50 lights by Depot, 9, 99 Euro)
  • Adhesive strips (eg tesa)
  • pencil
  • cutter

And this is how it's done:

1. Draw the desired interfaces for the lamps on the back of the screen.

2. Put the cuts in the marked places, but only so big that the light bulbs of the fairy lights just fit in and stay stuck in the cut. If a hole is too big, fix the LED with adhesive tape from the back.

3. Attach the cable end to the screen with adhesive tape.

Tip: When buying the fairy lights, make sure that the distances between the individual lights are as large as possible.

Prop: Fairy Lights: Depot, 9, 99 Euro Vases: ASA Wire Bowl: House Doctor Moon Picture: House Doctor

You need this for the lantern:

  • large and small decorative glass stones (craft shop)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • two different sized lanterns or glass vases
  • tealight

That's how it works:

1. Attach decostones with hot glue to the glass vase.

2. Add tealight to the vase.

Props: Dachshund: Wagner & Apel Napkin: Tine K Home