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6 things that only women with big feet understand. Plus: shopping tips

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These situations are known to all women with big feet

Living on a big foot is often more a curse than a blessing. These six situations will only be known to women with big feet. Plus: shoes that cheat less.

Feet are such a thing, either you love them or you hate them. But actually you can ignore them quite well - they are as far away from our eyes as the body allows. But at the latest when buying shoes big feet become a hate object. If you ask yourself, why is that? You are clearly not one of those women who are blessed with great feet.

I'm wearing shoe size 41. Of course it's normal for me, but I also know that everyone else around me is more of a 38. Of course, it is not bad to beat this kind of way out of the way (after all nobody needs to feel like an outsider with big feet). But at the latest when it comes to buying shoes, the drama takes its course:

1. Off to the shop and off to the 41er shelf. But can someone please explain to me, why the big sizes are always found underneath on the shelf and in the back of the shop ?!

2nd Phew, fine. I literally crawl around on the floor to get hold of the fantastic pair of sneakers (seen on the shelf with the size 38 - of course at eye level) in 41. Done! But when trying on then the shock: Even this pair (like so many before) looks like you have Kindersärge on your feet. Dreadful!

3. Does this sound familiar to you? The pair of shoes you always wanted is found. Wohooo! Unfortunately, only in 38th Never mind, we can not be discouraged by such things. Quickly consulted the seller: "Do you still have the pair of shoes in size 41?" Answer: " No, I'm sorry, these shoes are only made up to size 40. " She smiles and I can tear my hair out ...

4. Finally Sale is and our bargain heart beats higher. But just the selection of the big shoe sizes is - let's say - not available.

5. Often, long toes are the reason why women's footwear size 41+ is the reason why their feet are as big in terms of size as they are. Now it's not so great to have toes that could almost go through as thicker fingers. It is even worse, however, when they make their way through the obligatory hole in the shoe, for example, at peep toes. Sure, it should sparkle a little nail polish, but not three scary toes frightening people ...!

6. Even if we do not want it, we often can not avoid it: the toe décolleté . Some of us have the "problem" of the flashing toe approaches not only in pumps ... but already in ballerinas - and that really does not look so nice.

You think the situations described above somehow familiar? Stop it! Here are some tricks that make big feet look a little smaller ...

  • Buy summer sandals with straps . These play around your big foot and make you look optically smaller.
  • Even if it sounds exhausting, shoes with heels will always conjure up a smaller foot than so-called flats.
  • Rounded tips make shoes look less long-lasting than the right ones.
  • In all "I want to cheat less tricks" applies: dark colors hide more than bright. Of course, this also applies to shoes.
  • Shoes that look less chunky will make your foot look smoother. So get away from platform shoes and Co.
  • The 70s are absolutely trendy this season - and we are benefiting women with big feet. Because: Blowing trousers hide long feet optimally under the issued leg.

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