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50 Shades of GrayThese actors were cast for 50 Shades of Gray

The bestseller 50 Shades of Gray was filmed: Everything about the actors who play our favorite figures from the erotic classic on the screen ...

50 Shades of Gray
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  1. "50 Shades of Gray" and the cast: first set scenes and the first film kiss!
  2. Dylan Neal plays Anastasia Steele's stepfather in the "50 Shades of Gray" movie
  3. Marcia Gay Harden plays Christian Gray's mother dr. Grace Trevelyan Gray
  4. Rita Ora takes on a minor role in 50 Shades Of Gray
  5. Shooting at 50 Shades Of Gray
  6. The launch date of 50 Shades Of Gray has been postponed to 2015!
  7. First photo of 50 Shades Of Gray stars Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele
  8. Victor Rasuk was cast for the role of Jos
  9. Luke Grimes plays Elliot Gray
  10. Update October 24, 2013: Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Gray!
  11. One 50 Shades of Gray movie star is awarded!
  12. 5 things to know about Dakota Johnson!

"50 Shades of Gray" and the cast: first set scenes and the first film kiss!

Hooray! After endless false rumors about the shooting of "50 Shades of Gray", there are now really the first authentic scenes from the set to experience. And the cast of "50 Shades of Gray" is impressive. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were now quite familiar with each other behind the scenes. The photo was posted on December 11, 2013 on the Twitter profile of the bestseller's Brazilian fan page and is undoubtedly real.

Shooting is currently in Vancouver, where an eyewitness was filming while a scene was being filmed. And lo and behold, we are allowed to watch the first, but very youthful film kiss between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele! How exciting, especially since Jamie Dornan gave a first impression of how dominant he can be when he grabbed Dakota firmly by the arm and pulled himself determinedly to himself. Here is the first clip of the set:

Dylan Neal plays Anastasia Steele's stepfather in the "50 Shades of Gray" movie

The cast for the film adaptation of the erotic bestseller "50 Shades of Gray" completes itself. Now Dylan Neal joined again. The 44-year-old actor, whom we know as Dylan Shaw in Rich and Beautiful, and Doug Witter in Dawson's Creek, takes on the role of Bob, the stepfather of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and husband of her mother Carla Adams (Jennifer Ehle). reported on December 4, 2013.

Marcia Gay Harden plays Christian Gray's mother dr. Grace Trevelyan Gray

With Marcia Gay Harden (54) was occupied one of the last important supporting roles. The "Trophy Wife" actress takes on the role of Dr. in the "50 Shades of Gray" film. Grace Trevelyan Gray plays the adoptive mother of Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan), Elliot Gray (Luke Grimes) and Mia Gray (Rita Ora). reported on December 3, 2013. Missing only the head of the Gray family, Carrick Gray. We are curious who will play Christian's father.

Rita Ora takes on a supporting role in "50 Shades Of Gray"

Who had expected a true "50 Shades Of Gray" sensation at such a late stage, already after shooting began? The cast of the role of Christian Gray's adoptive sister Mia was recently announced, and the takes over none other than superstar Rita Ora.

The hip singer announced the news on December 2, 2013 on her Twitter profile: "It's official. I was cast as Christian's sister Mia for the 'Fifty Shades of Gray'. "After the relatively unknown lead actors, they naturally ended up with a real coup that was likely to surprise everyone.

Shooting start at "50 Shades Of Gray"

And they turn! Since 1 December 2013, the camera is on the set of the "50 Shades of Gray" film. Although the cast of the film has not yet completely leaked to the public. Producer Dana Brunetti delivered the proof and proudly tweeted the first damper. First pictures from the set show Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan sitting at a table. They drink coffee. This is probably the scene after the interview in which Christian Gray wants to find out if Ana is single. By the way, filming location is Vancouver, where the book also plays.

Eloise Mumford plays Katharine Kavanaugh

And the casting carousel on the "50 Shades of Gray" movie continues! Eloise Mumford will play the role of Katharine "Kate" Kavanaugh, Anastasia Steele's best friend. The 27-year-old blonde is a relative newcomer in the film business. So far, she was mainly seen in TV series ("Lonestar", "The River")

The launch date of "50 Shades Of Gray" has been postponed to 2015!

Actually, it is no wonder after the casting chaos and the cast of the film, but for the fans, of course, the wait is difficult: because instead of August 2014, Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele is now on 14 February 2015 on the screen see. Filming is scheduled to begin around December 2, 2013 in Vancouver, as August 2014 would also be extremely close to completing the 50 Shades of Gray film.

At least the men do not have to worry about Valentine's Day 2015: the date-movie is already set thanks to "50 Shades of Gray"!

First photo of "50 Shades Of Gray" stars Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele

Of course, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were already known as the stars of the upcoming "50 Shades Of Gray" movie, but now we can take a first look at the two in their hotly awaited roles. "Entertainment Weekly" showed the main characters now in a joint photo, apparently already quite according to their characters:

Jamie as the controlling and strict multimillionaire Christian Gray, Dakota as the innocent student Anastasia Steele, who seeks refuge in his arms. Did not we imagine the unequal pair from the erotic bestseller exactly like that?

Victor Rasuk was cast for the role of José

There are new, pleasing casting news from the "50 Shades Of Gray" movie: Christian Gray now officially has his rival. The role of Anastasia Steele's ardent admirer José has been filled with the equally hot-blooded and attractive Victor Rasuk. The 29-year-old New Yorker of Dominican descent became known in the "HB0" series "How To Make It In America".

During the shooting of the show "Lords of Dogtown" he is said to have been co-starring with "Twilight" star Nikki Reed from 2004 to 2006. His biggest job to date has been to make Jamie Dornan jealous in "50 Shades of Gray".

Update October 29, 2013: Production start for the "50 Shades Of Gray" movie postponed!

Bad news for those who can not wait for the launch of the "50 Shades of Gray" movie: the start of production has been postponed! The refusal of Charlie Hunnam should be responsible for the delay. Actually, it should start on 2 November 2013, finally, the filming begins in early December. Whether that will affect the theatrical release? We are more concerned that the quality of the film will suffer even more than expected.

Luke Grimes plays Elliot Gray

The cast for the "50 Shades of Gray" movie is slowly complete. Now it has been announced on the official Twitter page for the movie that a "True Blood" star is in the game. Luke Grimes will play the older brother of Christian, Elliot Gray in the film version of the erotic novel. In the book Elliot Gray starts an affair with a friend Anastasia Steeles (Dakota Johnson).

Update October 24, 2013: Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Gray!

The main role in the "50 Shades Of Gray" movie is officially re-cast. Irish actor Jamie Dornan actually did the race, as has been suggested. He became known as a delicious Calvin Klein model, later he was seen in a supporting role in "Marie Antoinette". The "New York Times" has already voted the 31-year-old a "golden torso" in the past. The Beau is so predestined for the role of the attractive sadomaso millionaire Christan Gray. The choice will certainly come with less criticism from the fans of the bestseller than the previous cast with Charlie Hunnam.

Update October 9, 2013: There is news again about the cast of the "50 Shades of Gray" movie! According to the film news portal Jennifer Ehle (43) to take over the role of Carla and play with the mother of Anastasia Steele. El James drew Carla in "Fifty Shades of Gray" as a tough Southern woman who is married for the fourth time.

How do you know Jennifer Ehle? In the 1995 television miniseries "Pride and Prejudice, " she starred as Elizabeth Bennet starring alongside Mr. Darcy aka Colin Firth. Most recently she starred in "Zero Dark Thirty" as Jessica and in the TV series "A Gifted Man" as the late ex-wife of a neurosurgeon.

A starring role in the "50 Shades of Gray" movie is taken!

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

The role of submissive Ana in the "50 Shades of Gray" movie will be taken over by Dakota Johnson. So far, the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson has been known from films like "21 Jump Street" and "The Social Network". In the "Shades of Gray" film is allowed

they are now seduced by Christian Gray, tie up and beat.

5 things to know about Dakota Johnson!

Dakota Johnson belongs to the so-called "Hollywood Royalty". Her mother is Melanie Griffith and the father is "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson. Not to forget her stepfather is Antonio Banderas. There could be almost only an actress out of her?

Because of unknown! Although Dakota Johnson may be a new face to many "50 Shades of Gray" fans, she has her own series with "Ben & Kate". In that she played a single mother who raised her little daughter together with her oblique older brother.

Although Dakota Johnson now moves almost exclusively in front of the film camera, she used to work as a model. For example, in 2009 for Mango Jeans, but on various international magazine covers she was already seen.

With sex scenes in front of the camera Dakota Johnson already has experience. Because in "The Social Network" she played a bed companion of Justin Timberlake's character. Well, that can only go well, right?

In love affairs, however, Dakota Johnson is not expected to be adventurous. She revealed to USA Today magazine in October 2012 that she has only long-term relationships. By contrast, they have no idea about the data.

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