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5 factors for a long life

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  1. How to become healthy 100 years old!
  2. Realists live better than optimists
  3. Conscientious people live much longer
  4. Sport should be fun
  5. Those who are involved have a fulfilling life
  6. Bad relationships make you sick

How to become healthy 100 years old!

Why do some people become old even though they smoke or are overweight? This question was pursued by US scientists and have evaluated to the data of 1, 500 Americans. The special feature of this unique study worldwide: The participants were accompanied since 1921 their entire life - every five years they had to answer questions. The results are amazing. Much of what we thought prevented a long life, is not as harmful as previously thought. And factors that we have so far underestimated gave the subjects up to ten years longer life.

Realists live better than optimists

People who walk through life with confidence are not necessarily older than others. The reason: people who only want to see the good tend to be careless. They are more willing to take risks - even when there are actually dangers. Even well-intentioned warnings often bog down optimists . And: You can handle it badly if things actually develop negatively. Realists have a clear advantage here: they value situations more appropriately and avoid unnecessary risks. If something goes wrong, they are better prepared and can handle it more confidently.

Conscientious people live much longer

One of the most surprising results of the study: Not sociability or a sunny mind are the guarantors for a long life. No, it depends on character traits such as conscientiousness and discipline. The explanation of the scientists: Conscientious and disciplined people have a healthier lifestyle because of their personality. They smoke and drink less, tend to eat better than others. They have more harmonious friendships, happier marriages and create more comfortable working conditions - all important prerequisites for a long life.

Sport should be fun

If you have to force yourself into the gym, you should stop it immediately! Movement is important, but who tortures, does not do any good. Because every person has their own pattern of activity - and not every sport suits everyone. It is therefore important to seek his favorite activity - and to find. The study shows that for a long life it only depends on being physically active. So if you go for a walk, cycle or swim regularly, you set the course for a longer life.

Those who are involved have a fulfilling life

And researchers are sure of yet another point: those who get involved and take care of other people become significantly older. Therefore, one often has the impression that people who are very religious and strongly involved in the life of their church, live longer. However, it is not the faith that makes them older, but the social commitment that comes with actively participating in church life.

Bad relationships make you sick

Married people only live longer if they have a happy relationship. Women make a bad relationship sick even in the long term. In addition, divorce is one of the biggest health risks women can handle better than men. Divorced men die much earlier than married couples. By contrast, women who filed for divorce were almost the same age as happily married study participants. Because for the female sex is true: Only good and stable partnerships have a positive effect on the lifetime.