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4 wedding games that are NOT so GOING

You should better avoid these wedding games!
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These four wedding games are absolutely embarrassing. Because they are not funny, only: a torment. For newlyweds - and guests. We reveal which wedding games you should better avoid.

WADEN BUTTONS: Five Naked Men's Legs, One Mission: The bride is to find her treasure by tapping the hairy facts. Not only the sight of hairy paleness shocks. But also the thought, one would be even on the trigger - and would have to close friendship with Uncle Erwin's varicose veins.

BALLOON TALK: The fact that the bride has to break balloons with flippers is embarrassing. But then the husband with boxing gloves still rummaging rausflatternde money ... Here, no one gets something, right?

MAN IN TOMORROW: First cut holes in a sheet, then put the groom's head and the bride's hands through it. Now she should rub him blind shaving cream, wash his face and brush his teeth. So Gaudi! In contrast, cake-throwing is a cool event.

SPOON PLAY: Take a spoon, tie it to a string, thread it through the clothes of all the guests and unravel the whole of the newlyweds. It takes two hours, after which everyone goes yawning home. Guaranteed.

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