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30 fashion musthaves for the summer of 2013

Summer mood at Fashion Week in Australia
Photo: Getty Images

Eagerly awaited ...

Always stay cool! With these trend parts we defy tropical temperatures and look very stylish.

Everybody longs for summer, sun and lightness. Designers pick up the mood. Not only the models were thrilled (as here at the Fashion Week in Australia). The reason: large prints, colorful colors, exotic patterns, colorful pebble applications, delicate sandals and summery silhouettes .

Rarely has a new season presented so many trends that are chic and casual at the same time. We show you 30 new musthaves for re-styling, all accessories that matter.

Although we can not spend every day at the beach, these new musthaves are ideal in the city, too.

The sun beckons - now you have to get the right outfit! Perfect for that: hip styles and cool colors! In our shopping gallery you will find 30 hot fashion musthaves for summer 2013 !